Youth champions drive improvements in health and wellbeing

Altogether Better’s work with youth champions in 2014 prototyped a new way of working, encouraging a fresh relationship between young people and health and social care service providers and commissioners in Shropshire. This helped to create the conditions for a range of new possibilities and solutions for improving health and wellbeing outcomes for children and young people across the region.

The project involved engaging, training and supporting children and young people who wanted to become youth champions, and work as active and valued partners alongside service providers and commissioners to jointly deliver better health and wellbeing outcomes. 

This work helped to:

  • Increase the range of health and wellbeing activities co designed and delivered by children and young people

  • Increase involvement and engagement of children and young people

  • Improve health outcomes for children and young people

  • Increase community capital and social value

  • Provide better quality health and wellbeing services.

Watch this video of the project’s first celebration event in October 2014, which talks about the ethos and spirit of the work and some of their early successes.

Young people, AllCaitlin Milne