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Altogether Better

Helping health services and local people find new ways of working together.


A new business model for general practice 

Altogether Better’s model of Collaborative Practice reduces demand on health services, while providing the social support and connection people need to improve their own health.


We change the conversation by changing who's in it

People’s needs are met differently, taking pressure off the service, reducing demand for clinical services, and making life better for everyone. 


Grounded in evidence

Our model of Collaborative Practice is award-winning, and for good reason. It consistently leads to positive outcomes both for individuals and for services. 

Walking group - social and physical activity are key to supporing NHS

“We have increased our patient lists by 4,500 people and seen no increase in demand for either primary or secondary care consultations because we do things differently.”

Mev Forbes, Managing Partner, GP Surgery



Don’t take our word for it, hear from the people making change happen in their communities. Here are stories and videos about Collaborative Practice.


We don’t ask what's wrong. We ask ‘what's possible?’

We want to work with pioneers, the leaders committed to positive change in the health service, who can drive forward a new way of working to make life better for everyone. We’ve already helped to deliver Collaborative Practice in over 130 health and care services. 


The latest from us

All the latest news and views from the Altogether Better team.