Why it works


The evidence from our whole system work shows that activities delivered by citizens and services working together in GP practices brought about better patient outcomes, increased resilience and ability to adapt, cope and live well with long term conditions, as well as gaining a better understanding of how to use services. 

We see significant improvements in mental health and wellbeing and overwhelming support from practice staff who sustain the work without our support:

  • 94% of patients surveyed had improved mental health and wellbeing.
  • 95% of staff surveyed recommend and want to continue after the funded period has ended.
  • Improvements in staff morale, recruitment and retention.
  • A new more sustainable business model for general practice emerges.

It works for staff:

  • Improves morale and workload
  • People come out of silos and organise around a purpose
  • The practice can offer alternative support
  • Practice list size increases but clinical consultations go down
  • Receptionists take leadership roles
  • Collaborative practice becomes embedded and is sustained without ongoing funding

It works for people:

  • Better health outcomes
  • Patients supported to live well with long term conditions
  • Patients better understand how to use services
  • 94% increased levels of confidence & wellbeing
  • 94% acquired new knowledge related to health and wellbeing
  • 99% increased involvement in social activities and social groups

It works for the practice:

  • Stronger link between practice and community
  • The practice evolves new ways of doing things
  • The recognition of the resource and resourcefulness and generosity of citizens who use their services leads to the possibility of changing the way that they provide services
  • Amplifies and connects voluntary and community organisations to practice
  • It becomes “how we do things around here”
We have increased our patient lists by 4,500 people and seen no increase in demand for either primary or secondary care consultations because we do things differently.
— Mev Forbes, Managing Partner, GP Surgery