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Leadership development programme

At its heart, Collaborative Practice is about whole systems change. Whilst most managers are good at getting their practice or service well organised and as efficient as possible, the mindset and skill set for Collaborative Practice is different from the standard NHS management approach.

Working in a different way with citizens is complex and subtle. The programme will add to and complement your existing skill set, supporting system change.

Whilst the ideas and practices in our leadership programme won’t be unfamiliar, we offer an opportunity to develop them to a higher level.

Collaborative Practice Leadership Programme

Our leadership programme is designed for those who will lead collaborative practice locally – within a GP service this could be a combination of GP, practice manager, reception manager, practice nurse, or anyone who has a level of influence and authority in the service, an enthusiasm for new ways of working, and the energy and vision to bring about change. 

The programme is delivered through a mix of action learning, individual and group coaching, and bespoke consultancy support. 

Participants will develop: 

  • An indepth understanding of collaborative practice, how the model works, how it was developed and the ingredients for its success.

  • The leadership and coaching skills needed to change attitudes and mindsets across the whole practice and bring about culture change.

  • A strong peer support network with other members of the cohort, who will all be delivering collaborative practice in their own settings.

Interested in joining our leadership development programme?
We want to work with the people who are passionate about positive change in the health service, who see the potential of our communities to shape solutions, and who want to collaborate with others to make lives better for all. Get in touch to find out more.

Collaborative Practice will challenge your thinking, invigorate your working life, help you look at solving problems more creatively and hopefully help your practice become more productive by harnessing the talents of the community.
— Clare Davies, GP Partner, Dorset