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Work with us

GP federations or groups

Typically, we will work with a group of practices within a locality to develop Collaborative Practice, offering a bespoke package of support depending on the unique needs of the group. 

Our model has evolved through the interplay of ideas and application and we have learnt that it is important that those leading the work in a practice understand both these factors in order to recognise and pay attention to the appropriate things.  

We offer a development programme to share and deepen understanding of this and the implications for how you do things differently in primary care by reshaping the relationship between the practice and the community.    

The programme serves as the foundation to support actual organisational and system change.
Our model is inherently sustainable because we equip staff with the skills and understanding to lead this work in the practice and coach and guide them over an extended period as they develop and embed it.

In general, our package of support includes:

  • Designing and delivering a bespoke leadership programme for staff responsible for leading collaborative practice

  • Support with the initial set up of collaborative practice in each setting, including:

    • help to find local champions willing to gift their time

    • facilitation of a 2-day welcome workshop for champions

    • facilitation of a whole practice meeting

  • Supporting resources

  • Ongoing coaching, guiding and mentoring of staff

  • Evaluation of the work.

This work has become, quite simply, how we do things around here now.
— Sheinaz Stansfield, Practice Manager, Oxford Terrace and Rawling Road Medical Group, Gateshead