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Download  - Reducing the Pressure in General Practice - A New Model of Care Dec 2015.pdf

The NHS Five Year Forward View asks us to imagine new models of care and “a future where fully engaged patients, carers and citizens play a greater role in their health and health care.” A future where we draw on the assets, strengths and resourcefulness of people in our communities as well as the staff in our services to do things differently to create a sustainable NHS.

Altogether Better has developed an evidenced based approach, working with General Practice, which delivers this vision and provides an offer to reduce the pressure in General Practice. The work has been developed in over 60 GP practices in 16 CCG areas, involving over 1000 citizens who gift their time as champions and have the ability to touch the lives of half a million people.  Read more in this publication.

Download  - The Value of Asset Based Community Engagement and Social Prescribing in General Practice.pdf 233
Download  A) Community health champions: creating new relationships with patients and communities.pdf

This document looks at the future relationship between Altogether Better and the NHS Confederation.

Download  AB Practice health champions.pdf

This document looks at the connection between health champions and their general practice and the benefits for them both.

Download  Altogether Better Working Together to Create Healthier People and Communities.pdf

Altogether Better has delivered an innovative two year programme funded by the Big Lottery Fund, working with citizens and services keen to find new ways to improve the health and well-being of their local community.  This is our Evaluation Report.

Download  B) Government Strategy for Public Health in England.pdf

Altogether Community Health Champions are included on page 43 of the recent White Paper as an example of community empowerment.

Download  BMJ on new approaches to service delivery.pdf 178
Download  C) Unlocking the Health Inequalities Challenge.pdf

The local work of Community Health Champions highlights a practical approach to reducing health inequalities through community empowerment where national, regional and local partners are working together to develop an approach to community empowerment in health and well-being which is systematic and integrated into the core business of reducing health inequalities.

Download  D) Altogether Better: Voices From Experience.pdf

Launched in 2008, Altogether Better is a five year programme designed to deliver innovative evidenced based models of engaging and empowering communities to improve their health and well-being.

Download this publication to learn more.

Download  Language as barrier and enabler in Altogether Better's work.pptx 554
Download  NMK Report - Quantitative feedback about Altogether Better's Health Champion Work.pdf 1144
Download  Qualitative Report produced to support the full Evaluation Report Altogether Better Working Together to Create Healthier People and Communities - 31 July 2015.pdf 1034